Get into Gear: Career Opportunities for Automotive Technicians

By: Esperanza Poquiz

Choosing to work in the automotive technician field will provide you with ample opportunities when it comes to getting your career started. After all, vehicles -whether it’s your own, a friend’s or public transportation- are an essential in getting you from point A to point B.  And if you own a vehicle the maintenance and repair of your automobile is one of your utmost priorities to staying safe and getting you to the places you need to go in a timely manner.

Automotive technicians identify and inspect vehicles with special tools and equipment. After finding and assessing the problem, mechanics take action to correct the vehicle. Once fixed, they run tests to confirm that the vehicle it is operating smoothly and properly. Technicians run regular maintenance, inspections and repairs on a day to day basis. Their duties may include: changing oil, rotating tires, performing a state inspection, checking the vehicle’s fluid levels and sensors, or fixing any problems the vehicle may have.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of automotive technicians and mechanics is expected to rise 5% from the years of 2014-2024. Jobs for automotive technicians and mechanics are escalating due to the number of vehicles increasing and becoming more relied on, causing career opportunities for entry-level technicians to increase as well.

You have the chance at working at dealerships as well as at an independent repair shop. Employment opportunities include:

  • Auto technician
  • Service writer or service manager
  • Parts counter clerk
  • Outside salesman
  • Automotive wholesaler
  • Technical representative
  • Technical editor
  • Owner of a repair facility

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