Smooth Sailing: Maritime Welding Now Offered at Tidewater Tech

Written by Jul DeGeus


With a shortage of welders on the horizon, and just in time for National Welding Month, Tidewater Tech now offers the Combination Maritime Welding Diploma Program.



Welder in safety gear is pictured with sparks flying around the metal in front. The words "New Program Alert. Now Enrolling. Combination Maritime Welding. Tidewater Tech" are written over the picture



Hampton Roads is one of our nation’s biggest shipping ports and every day, certified welders keep the community’s ships seaworthy. With American Welding Society forecasting a shortage of 375,000 welders by 2023, Tidewater Tech has expanded its program offerings to include the Combination Maritime Welding Diploma Program. Maritime welders focus their skills on building and repairing ships and boats.


“Enhancing our current Welding training to add the Maritime Welding program will greatlyincrease the skills and marketability of our graduates,” states Campus Executive Director Paula Massey. “Our commitment to community is strong and goes beyond the welding booth; by providing additional opportunities for our graduates to do more and be better, we see our Hampton Roads Region grow and strengthen.”

The Combination Maritime Welding diploma program teaches the fundamentals of welding. It provides each student with the knowledge and skills necessary for entry-level employment in a career that utilizes metal fabrication and repair. The program focuses on specialized processes primarily utilized in the shipbuilding and repair industry such as one-inch-thick carbon steel, Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) training on aluminum which is commonly used in the maritime industry and GTAW on carbon steel pipe which focuses on the necessary skills needed to successfully perform pipe welding applications commonly found in maritime applications. Upon completion of the training, graduates are eligible for the following certifications:

  • American Welding Society (AWS) 3G SMAW (Vertical)
  • 3G FCAW (Vertical)
  • 4G SMAW (Overhead)
  • 4G FCAW (Overhead)Welding Certifications
  • AWS Unlimited thickness cert (bridge test) – vertical
  • AWS Unlimited thickness cert (bridge test) – horizontal for the 6G pipe Certification


For more information or questions, please call Tidewater Tech at (757) 858-8324 or visit the campus at 4535 East Princess Anne Road, Norfolk, VA 23502.


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