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The Arc of Welding a Timeline of History

The Arc of Welding: A Timeline of History

Trade School Jobs in 2017 and Beyond

Trade School Jobs in 2017 and Beyond

As the New Year rolls in, many people start to take stock of their lives and ask themselves “what am I going to do this year to better my career?”  That question is not so easy to answer if you can’t or don’t want to attend a 4 year college.  Or is it?  According to Businessinsider.com there are a lot of jobs that are high paying and do not require a 4 year college degree.  In fact, they list 40 careers and the salaries they pay for jobs that do not require a 4 year college degree.  They may however require some technical or trade school training in order to qualify for the entry level positions in these industries.

“Nine months in trade school. Job guaranteed.” – CNN Money Says in this article posted here on their website.

What is a Trade School?

Often referred to as a Trade School, Technical School or Vocational School, a Trade School is a non-traditional school that emphasizes career training in a skilled technical field.  The trade school educates and trains the students in the technical skills and core academic requirements in order to secure employment in the career field the student has chosen.


Become an Automotive Technician in 45 Weeks

Become an Automotive Technician in 45 Weeks

How To Become An Automotive Technician - Tidewater Tech

An automotive technician inspects, diagnoses and repairs problems in cars and lightweight trucks.

The day-to-day reality of working as an automotive technician is becoming more challenging and complex and employers are now looking for technicians who have completed an auto technician training program.

Attaining an auto mechanic certification is also a big plus in terms of gaining employment as an automotive technician.


Tips to Protect Your Computer and Identity Online

In the ever-expanding online and digitally connected world, privacy and security are gaining increasing attention. While the average American is beginning to recognize and understand the true value of their personal information, people also continue to express concerns about their privacy online. And that is especially true during the holiday season. And with tax time just around the corner, we all need to be especially vigilant.

AWS Testing Center Creates Sparks for Tidewater Tech Welding Program

It’s been almost a year since Tidewater Tech obtained the coveted American Welding Society’s (AWS) “Accredited Test Facility” designation and the future couldn’t look brighter. Not only are students earning two internationally recognized welding certifications, they benefit from the AWS endorsement of our facility when seeking employment.


Come Join Us! Tidewater Tech Career Fair Open House

Mark your calendars on Thursday April 30th, 2015 Tidewater Tech will host our Career Fair Open House from 9am to 1pm. Check out who’s hiring in the Hampton Roads area in both trades and general business . Companies such  Wells Fargo, One Hour Heating and Air, Aerotek, Harbor Group, Mile One/ Hall Automotive, Oceaneering, and Snap On Tools will be in attendance for onsite interviews.  Our open house is  a free event and open to the public. Recent grads? We’d love to here from you. Come Join us at Tidewater Tech’s Annual Career Fair and Open house. Download and view our official event flyer here.

Come Join Us!

Come Join Us

The First AWS Accredited Testing Facility in Virginia for Welding Certification

p153-001The American Welding Society (AWS) completed their visit at Tidewater Tech Trades making it the first Accredited Testing Facility in Virginia. Students and community members can now receive their welding certification at Tidewater Tech Trades. Students, prior to graduation, take their AWS Shielded Metal Arc Welding certification in the 3G (horizontal) and 4G (overhead) positions. Students are also able to receive their Flux Core Arc Welding qualification in the same 3G and 4G positions. The certifications and qualifications that students receive are excellent indicators to employers that Tidewater Tech Trades welding graduates are able to start employment with little additional training. This also shows potential employers that Tidewater Tech Trades graduates are serious about their future endeavors as combination welders.

Community members can also receive their AWS welding certifications and qualifications by completing one of Tidewater Tech Trades 30-hour welding refresher courses. Prior to receiving their certificate of completion, these students will take the AWS test. Mr. Arthur Dwyer, Combination Welding Coordinator and Certified Welding Inspector (CWI), has brought this campus to the lead of all other trades schools in Virginia. Being recently published the in AWS journal, Tidewater Tech Trades has received numerous calls from companies looking for qualified welders and for a training institute for welding certification. Military contract specifications require welders to be AWS or milspec qualified. This ensures welds in all positions will successfully pass testing requirements whether by x-ray or other methods.

p186-002-lgGraduating students that leave Tidewater Tech Trades with SMAW certification and FCAW qualification have great self-esteem. These tests are very difficult and require weeks and months of practice and quality instruction to pass. It is the dedication and leadership of the instructors in the Combination Welding department that has brought Tidewater Tech Trades to the high standards that many other institutions are trying to achieve.