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Tune-up Your Training for Your Next Interview

By Esperanza Poquiz; Edited by Jul DeGeus Going into an interview can be stressful for some of us; others may find it easy. Being well-prepared can help calm your nerves before going into the interview process. Whether you find it easy or hard, these tips could help you feel more confident when walking through the door. Initial… Read more »

BMR Breakdown: What Does a Building Maintenance & Repair Worker Do?

By Esperanza Poquiz There are many factors that go into keeping a facility operating smoothly, whether it’s dealing with: plumbing, general building repairs, keeping up with building codes. The go-to person that we turn to for these matters is the facility’s Building Maintenance and Repair (BMR) Workers. BMR Workers are essentially a jack of all… Read more »

Tidewater Tech Teacher Appreciation Day: Mr. Musey and Mr. Kelley

By Damika Howard-Wayne John Musey III The Tidewater Tech Instructor of Year, John Musey III, lives by the motto, “Once a job has once begun, never stop until the job is done. Do it big, little, or small, do it right or not at all.”   This is evident in everything Mr. Musey does, both… Read more »

Building Maintenance and Repair Job Description

Building Maintenance and Repair Job Description Depending on the employer and work environment, a Building Maintenance and Repair Job Description consists of a variety of tasks. The industry they work in could differ from real estate and rental properties, manufacturing plants, government facilities, schools and health care. In a single day, they will be handling… Read more »