Trade School Jobs in 2014 and Beyond

Trade School Jobs in 2014 and Beyond

Trade School Jobs in 2014 and Beyond | Tidewater Tech
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As the New Year rolls in, many people start to take stock of their lives and ask themselves “what am I going to do this year to better my career?”  That question is not so easy to answer if you can’t or don’t want to attend a 4 year college.  Or is it?  According to there are a lot of jobs that are high paying and do not require a 4 year college degree.  In fact, they list 40 careers and the salaries they pay for jobs that do not require a 4 year college degree.  They may however require some technical or trade school training in order to qualify for the entry level positions in these industries.

“Nine months in trade school. Job guaranteed.” – CNN Money Says in this article posted here on their website.

What is a Trade School?

Often referred to as a Trade School, Technical School or Vocational School, a Trade School is a non-traditional school that emphasizes career training in a skilled technical field.  The trade school educates and trains the students in the technical skills and core academic requirements in order to secure employment in the career field the student has chosen.

Is a Trade School better than a 4 year college?

The answer to that question depends on the career goals of the student.  If the student wishes to learn a skilled trade in a short period of time and begin working sooner rather than waiting for four years before beginning work, then yes, a trade school can be a better choice for the perspective student.

Can I enter Trade School right out of high school?

In most cases the answer is yes.  Although, most Trade Schools require a High School Diploma or GED before you start training.

How long does it take to complete Trade School Training?

That will depend 100% on the Trade School that you attend, the training certifications, degrees or diplomas you earn and the skilled trade program you select to train in.  In almost all cases though, the program length is measured in months and not years.

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