AWS Testing Center Creates Sparks for Tidewater Tech Welding Program

It’s been almost a year since Tidewater Tech obtained the coveted American Welding Society’s (AWS) “Accredited Test Facility” designation and the future couldn’t look brighter. Not only are students earning two internationally recognized welding certifications, they benefit from the AWS endorsement of our facility when seeking employment.


Mr. Tyler Devost, a local recruiter for AEROTEK, states, “I am very impressed with their quality and industry knowledge; the AWS certification has certainly been very influential.” Tidewater Tech’s vocational program has also benefited from being listed in the AWS national registry of accredited test facilities. Students from as far away as New York have travelled to Tidewater Tech’s facility for specialized vocational training. There is currently a student from Roanoke, Virginia (pictured) attending our week-long avocational welding program, while her family is staying in a local hotel.

Besides our specialized vocational training, we are authorized to provide welder certification testing for employees of local companies who need these services. While local companies have utilized this service, we also have extended our reach south to companies in Charlotte, North Carolina and north to Falls Church, Virginia.

As a new class of potential welders start their training, Tidewater Tech will reach another first: 27 current students will complete their final module of the Combination Welder Program, making this the largest graduating class ever.

Our dedicated staff of instructors is what makes this entire program a huge success for our community.