Tidewater Tech Teacher Appreciation Day: Mr. Musey and Mr. Kelley

By Damika Howard-Wayne

John Musey III

The Tidewater Tech Instructor of Year, John Musey III, lives by the motto, “Once a job has once begun, never stop until the job is done. Do it big, little, or small, do it right or not at all.”


This is evident in everything Mr. Musey does, both inside and outside of the classroom in the Building Maintenance and Repair (BMR) program at Tidewater Tech. Mr. Musey built a mock kitchen in the BMR lab that allows his students to experience removal and installation of sinks, garbage disposals, counter-tops, and kitchen faucets. His latest addition to the BMR lab is the installation of a functioning electric water heater. During his breaks between classes, Mr. Musey is either tutoring students that need additional assistance or working with students around the building to instill real-life work experiences. His contributions to the BMR program and Tidewater Tech truly change student lives’ and everyone at Trades appreciates his stellar accomplishments.


Steve Kelley

The Tidewater Tech Coordinator of Year, Steve Kelley, lives by the motto, “Amateurs practice until they get it right…Professionals practice until they can’t get it wrong.”


Mr. Kelley is an educator who works to close the achievement gap. His students come with struggles in school and life, but he works diligently to help them achieve accomplishments greater than their expectations. With his weekly checkup meetings, Mr. Kelley is a leader in collaboration at our school. It’s typical to see colleagues in his room at lunch or after school asking for advice. You can always find Mr. Kelley involved in some sort of activity that promises to better his students or the campus.