Job Weld Done: I’ve Got My Welding Certification, Now What?

Welding is a career that offers many options as to what to do once you are trained. You can choose to work outdoors, indoors or even under water. With this profession, you have the chance to expand your knowledge through further education. Here are a few areas where welding can become a career:


A Boilermaker is someone who welds boilers and vessels that contain materials like oils or chemicals. Their role is crucial when it comes to making these containers; Boilermakers must make sure that the pressure systems are in check and the container is welded properly when working with potentially hazardous materials.


From bridges to sky scrapers, Ironworkers focus on framework for standing structures. They also are the people you can thank for installing things like railings and fire escapes, making the environment we work and live in a safer place.

Pipe Welders

There are two types of welders associated with pipe welding: Pipefitters and Pipeline Welders. A Pipefitter creates, assembles and repairs piping systems, like the heating and cooling systems in your house. Pipeline Welders repair and assemble important pipelines, such as a water, oil or gas distribution lines, in a construction setting.

Welding Technician

Welding Technicians are essential to the future of welding. Using their knowledge of current and previous welding techniques, the purpose of a Welding Technician is to invent new methods and processes to advance welding technology.

Welding Engineer

While a Welding Technician develops new methods for welders to practice, Welding Engineers produce the technology to support those new methods. Their job is at the forefront of developing new materials, tools and processes to efficiently enhance welding as a whole.

Welding Teacher

Every artisan must learn about their craft. While some might have a “knack” or natural talent for welding, it is import to go through training to obtain the most knowledge you can. Welding instructors are essential to carrying on the skill, as well as passion for welding.

These are only a handful of welding opportunities. To start your welding training, check out Tidewater Tech’s Combination Welding Program.